WSU Emergency Notification System


The Worcester State University Emergency Notification System (WSU Alerts) provides critical information regarding campus emergencies and closings to members of the University Community. The University strongly encourages all faculty, staff, and students to update/register your additional contact information (cell/home #) in WSU Alerts so that you can receive important information in a timely fashion. Depending on the specific nature of the emergency or closing, the Emergency Notification System will contact subscribers via email, text, and/or telephone.

The system will also post alerts to:     WSU Facebook & WSU Twitter


FAQs—Please Read!
1. Notifications of weather-related University closings will be posted on Community System and the main University’s website and sent by email to all WSU email addresses. Users may opt to receive text notification on their cell phones by selecting the appropriate option on the WSU Alerts system. Note that normal text messaging charges may apply for users who select text notifications.

Due to the regional volume of telephone calls associated with a weather event, weather-related University closings will NOT be communicated by voice messaging—the University cannot guarantee that a voice message will be received in a timely fashion in such situations.

2. All notifications associated with campus life-safety issues will be posted on the University’s website and sent to all WSU email addresses. Additionally, users may opt to receive such notifications by text and voice messaging. Users may enter their voice and text information by selecting the appropriate options in the Emergency Notification System user preferences screen.

3.  Please make sure that your email client accepts messages from –check your spam filters and junk mail folders.

The notification system is up and running; Click here to update your personal information on WSU Alerts.

The notification system is up and running; however, maintenance is done periodically to improve Registration (i.e. updating YOUR information) , if you are not able to login to the update area, please try again in 30 minutes.